Spacevidcast 1.04

We chat with James Smith, the First Chair for the Office of Tomorrows Mars. Think humans won’t travel on Mars in your lifetime? Think again!

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  1. Jerry Lehane III on April 21, 2008 at 7:14 pm

    I have good news for fans of life on Mars. I have pics avail of Mars people who look like us and wear clothes and hats.There are many animals and so diverse which hang around/visit the rovers for 4 years.I’m male 50 yr old in Delaware,and in 1987 age 29 designed the Mars rovers original drawings and concepts in spring,sending them along with drawings and ghostwriting for Star Trek to Gene Roddenberry spring 1987 for him to relay my work to JPL /Nasa,all FREE.There’s much more to tell. The people wear no breathing aparatus. The animals seem to get along with each other very well,climbing on and riding each other. I have also unmasked live animals from 1976 Vikings missions and Pathfinder mission. Jerry Lehane III (302)731-9930 Thanks for doing your informative show.

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