Spacevidcast 1.05

Hawking calls on NASA to push onward, NASA nanosats, India launches a satellite but we’re not sure if it matters and stop global warming in the news this week. Today’s main topic: Politics in space!

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We’ve been how many times up here?. How many questions have dealt with deficit spending?

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The debt out of control. And yet we have someone saying. Would you spend more money on going to Mars?

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And a suggestion that we need to spend more money on space exploration. This is it folks.Thats why we have such incredible problems with our debt.

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Because everybody is trying to be everything to all people. We can’t afford some things.

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And by the way going to Mars. Is one of them.

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My name is Benjamin Higginbotham and with me is the beautiful and talented Cariann.

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And we are the SpaceVidcasters. Higgenbotham, that’s right!

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And we’ve got a intresting show for you tonight. And we’re going to be talking about.

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Alittle bit about the clip you just saw. Yes, And the basically should the US continue funding NASA

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Or, should we just let that go privatized and or give it to China?

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I mean do we really have the money to deal with this stuff?

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And is that really the attitude of most Americans at this point?

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Which is we’ve got so many issues why are we even trying to do,

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Why are we even trying to go to Mars? right right. So that’s going to be the main topic for the show tonight.

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I think it’s going to be a very insightable topic. And we’re going to be talking with everyone in Ustream. So, the banner at the bottom of the screen,

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thats the live Ustream chat. We’re going to be interacting with everyone.

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It is a live show! They way were different is we can do all that fun stuff.

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Well, we’re just different anyway!. well, alittle bit yea anyway. You’ve got space news.

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We still need an open for that man, I know man it’s driving me crazy.

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You realize at this point we’re never gonna get an open?

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I know its always going to be (sing) “Space News!”

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And that’s it so im sorry guys you’re going to have to deal with it for alittle bit (laugh)

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Oh my goodness. Alright, so, one of the first things I was looking at was Steven Hawking uh was recently

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was honoring the 50th Anniversary of NASA. But, he was asking the space exploration program

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to be going past the moon like establishing an experimental base on the moon.

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And thinking beyond the Moon and Mars and just getting somewhere and planting alittle flag.

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He said “That spreading out into space will completely change the future of the human race.

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And maybe determine if we have a future at all. It will not solve any of our immediate problems on planet Earth.

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But, it will give us a ne perspective.” uh hum..I think thats very irrelevant to tonights conversation.

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Oh, for sure!.absolutley I was just thinking “thats so perfect all the way around!” And so, that was very timely.

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And uh, I dont know it’s not like a new news story but, I wanted to throw it in there. So, I did.

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We actually covered that live on SpaceVidcast they had live coverage of that on NASA Tv.

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And we re-broadcast that for you. Again, with the chatroom. So, that was awesome!. I mean we had alot of people.

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We got front page for that. That was just a really inspirational event. It was really neat to see Steven Hawking on stage.

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I think he blinks is how he actually gets his computer to do what he does.

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So that was just an awesome awesome experience. Ya know and I realize you can go to NASA TV and get this.

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But, as fox said. “The chatroom adds a different level to the whole thing because you get to chat with people.

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Right, and talk with them And say “Hey, this is what I think, or this is why he is right or this is why he is wrong

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Right. Well, it’s more of a community situation. The next one is NASA and what are they calling them?.

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They are calling them NANOSATS. What we are talking about are tiny. Well, they’re calling them

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small satellites. It just sounded funny to me because they weigh anywhere

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From 11lbs and 110lbs and I thought “110lbs isn’t exactly tiny! by any stretch of the immagination”

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(laugh) But, ya know they are much smaller of course than your traditional satellite in general.

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They are specifically built let me see if i can find it here. What they’ are calling it M to M or Machine to Machine Intelligence.

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And which had (garbled speach) You, can do it. I believe in you!. I know Im trying

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Uh, lets see. I’ll read it how’s that. Once built, NASA plans to send them into low

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Earth Orbit in clusters to create so called “fifth generation network”

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Which involves voice over IP, and video and data exchange. The constellation with provide

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a robust global spaced based high speed network for communication,

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data storage, and earth observations. Sounds kinda like a networked mesh.Yes!

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You know?. Kinda. Almost like peer to peer. More like a hardware mesh network.

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Which is why they are callling it M to M. Oh, there you go!.Right. (Laughing) That’s very cool!.

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And I think getting us to Mars or getting us beyond we’re going to need a mesh like this.

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So, we can push the communication out there other wise were going to have delay

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in trying to get that radio communication to and fro. Actually we’re going to have delay no matter what.

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But, well right. But, just being able to boost that is a is a good thing. Yea. yea, they should be able

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to communicate. Robots, should be able to communicate automatically

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using M to M intelligence. Awesome!..Which, I just thought was cool!. I believe India is launching

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Is this their first satellite?. That, ya know the way it was written made it sound like it was.

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But, then i kinda got twords the bottom and it say’s of the article and it says

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“India started its first space program in 1963 and since developed and put several of its own

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satellites into space. So, then i was like well, why did this make a headline?

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So basically what your saying is that we may have air’d news that may not be news at all?

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Well, ya know what? don’t start with me (laughing) Oh my goodness!. Was there anything of relivence to that?.

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Does anyone in the chat room even care? Well, Fox says it’s interesting. Oh OK!..Well, Thank You! Uh, let’s see. I say we move on!

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Cartostat 2A a all weather reconossance satellite will be lifted into space on Monday morning.

0:0:6,100 –> 0:5:52,000
From, some word I can’t pronounce spacecenter see, exactly in southern India.

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Ummm, yea no ok, I have no idea why i picked this one. That’s sweet lets keep moving. Alright Alright they care but that pretty much all the information

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we have is their launching a satellite they’ve done it before So, the next story is were gonna do a Stop Global Warming I believe is.

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Yea, this is very interesting uh, this uh, I don’t even know how to explain how I stumbled upon this one.

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The whole concept is that in general is were trying to stop Global Warming. Right. Everyone knows why, Everyone knows what were trying to do or how. I cant talk tonight

0:0:8,100 –> 0:6:38,000
Im really sorry you guys. Everyone knows why we need to do this why we should be doing this. And why we are attempting this. Thats what im trying to say.

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So, it says Scientists for injecting sulfate particles into the atmosphere from watching massive volcano’s

0:0:11,100 –> 0:6:56,000
When the big booms like Mt. Saint Helens go up, they throw huge plooms of “sulfar rich gunk” That’s what it says I swear. Gunk?. technical term. Right.

0:0:5,100 –> 0:7:1,000
into the atmosphere and the climate around the globe can cool significantly for up to a few years.

0:0:8,100 –> 0:7:9,000
Now, the ozone layer also thins significantly when this happens so, im not really sure why they think suddenly this is such a great idea?

0:0:11,100 –> 0:7:20,000
I don’t understand. Because my understanding is that Global Warming is actally the light getting trapped and can’t escape correctly so, i dont understand how this

0:0:10,100 –> 0:7:30,000
actually going to well, scientifically thats just what it says. The atmosphere the climate cools. I mean you can’t ..

0:0:3,100 –> 0:7:33,000
So now, instead of being to hot we will make ourselves too cold

0:0:8,100 –> 0:7:41,000
well, no..the concept is that if we do actually go foward with this and start pumping two different

0:0:4,100 –> 0:7:45,000
sulfate molecules into the atmosphere we could loose as much as three fouths of the ozone layer.

0:0:5,100 –> 0:7:50,000
Which means we are trying to cool ourselves. And all we’re going to do is fry ourselves to death!

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Ah, now i get it. So what we’re doing is bad?. Yes!. Ah, see, I thought what we were doing is good. No, we thought it was good until we realized Oh, just kidding.

0:0:6,100 –> 0:8:6,000
So, I thought that that was hysterical. That. all you know I mean did not every single uh reasearch study

0:0:8,100 –> 0:8:18,000
does not neccessarily come up with the answer you want. But, they went into this thinking. Awesome!. All we have to do is throw this stuff up! And then somebody was like YEA!. Until we loose

0:0:6,100 –> 0:8:24,000
That really critical part up there. Called the OZONE! (laughing) So, I just thought that it was interesting

0:0:8,100 –> 0:8:32,000
Ah its say’sthe Ozone loss would drop in the later part of the century to about 60 to 150 dobson units. Depending on the size of the sulfates

0:0:12,100 –> 0:8:44,000
and the severity of winters. To give you an idea, the regular “ozone” dobson units is anywhere between 300 and 450. So, thats a sigificant loss

0:0:7,100 –> 0:8:51,000
uh huh. A very significant loss. So yea, they wont be doing that anymore. Yea, interesting well, hopefully ya know this kinda goes back on to my concept of

0:0:0,100 –> 0:8:57,000
it is possible for us to do more damage than good and trying to correct for global warming. Right. We need to be very careful

0:0:7,100 –> 0:9:4,000
I dont think anyone really denies that we have an issue (laughing) right!.But, solving that issue isn’t just as simple as you know, cut everything out

0:0:5,100 –> 0:9:9,000
or stop. Right right, or stop. We need to be very very careful with how we move foward.

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For sure, alright, I think before we go foward to the break I’d like to do a new segmant im calling the Amazon pick of the week. The reason

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the Amazon pick of the week is good for everyone all the way around is uh first, Its actually just a very intersting book.

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It’s the Lost in Space. The fall of NASA and the dream of a new space age. And this is not about the show of the same name.

0:0:7,100 –> 0:9:38,000
In case anybody. Lost in Space? Hey you know what I just, Thats the very first thing when I saw when I looked at that cause obviuosly its part of the title

0:0:7,100 –> 0:9:45,000
And I said really?. We’re doing a book about a tv show?. Awesome!. I will have Amazon picks of the week that are fiction.

0:0:11,100 –> 0:9:56,000
Uh, this one is not. This particular book is a really good book that talks about how NASA may actually be bad for us and they may have be holding us back

0:0:10,100 –> 0:10:6,000
from space travel. Um, not by the neccessarily the fault of NASA but finding there are alot of different variables. And its a very very interesting book

0:0:11,100 –> 0:10:10,000
So, check it out you can go to to see all of our picks of the week.

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see, uh. This is just a really good book. The other thing you can do is um, I actually have a Kendal and you can download this particular book to Kendal and if you use the link I provided

0:0:7,100 –> 0:10:27,000 and you purchase through those links we do get alittle bit of kick back

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And we’ll put that money right back into the show. To help production quality and improve the show week after week to bring you bigger, badder, and better space news.

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So if you are thinking of buying a book or if you really think this is something that’s intersting. It’s a really good book I reccommend you get it. Definatley use that link.

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And make it go from there. We’re not buying me jewlry or anything. It really quite litterally is going directly back into the production of this show.

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just like half my paychecks (laugh) yea, that too!. We’ll be back with the main topic. Right after this.

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But, I do say that space can be explored and mastered. Without feeding the fires of war, without repeating the mistakes that man has made

0:12:19,100 –> 0:12:28,000
in exntenging his grip around this globe of ours. There is no strife, no prejudice no national conflict in outer space as yet.

0:12:29,100 –> 0:12:37,000
It’s hazards are hazards to us all. It’s conquest deserves the best of all mankind

0:12:38,100 –> 0:12:50,000
And it’s opportunity for peacful cooperation may never come again. A prize some say the moon. I choose this as our goal. And they may well ask.

0:12:51,100 –> 0:13:0,000
Why climb the highest mountain? Why 35 years ago fly the Atlantic?. Why does Rice play Texas?

0:13:1,100 –> 0:13:12,000
We choose to go to the moon! (screaming and clapping) We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things,

0:13:13,100 –> 0:13:23,000
not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills,

0:13:24,100 –> 0:13:34,000
because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too.

0:13:35,100 –> 0:13:44,000
And, what an inspiration speech that was. Absolutley and in 7 year we basically has a non existant space program

0:13:45,100 –> 0:13:51,000
all the way to the moon nothing.and today we are looking to take drastically longer to do that extact same task

0:13:51,100 –> 0:13:57,000
and then move onto mars and then even that particular topic is in question or even being able to get to mars

0:13:57,100 –> 0:14:2,000
is in question there are certain politicians who believe that we should not go to mars that we can no afford it

0:0:0,100 –> 0:14:14,000
And that is the topic of today’s discussion. Should the US be funding the advancement of the entire human race is really what it comes down too.Thats alot of money We. have a clip I would like to show.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:14:30,000
this is from the November?. Late November Republican Convention. This was CNN and YouTube We had a bunch of Presidental hopefulls up on stage and um debate.Im sorry I said Convention. We have the Repulican convention coming to Minneapolis.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:14:41,000
This was a debate. Thank you Fox. On the brain.And I uh. This was a question that was submited via YouTube. And uh these are the different responses they got to that. So, check it out!

0:14:42,100 –> 0:14:49,000
My name is Steve Neilson and this question comes to you from Denver, Colorado JFK’s vision put a man on the moon.

0:14:50,100 –> 0:14:57,000
From a non existant space program in about 7 years. The new vision for space exploration has provided about 15years for that same feat.

0:14:58,100 –> 0:15:7,000
Congress is pulling funding for human research all together.Is there a candiate among you willing to take a pledge on behalf

0:15:7,100 –> 0:15:15,000
of the mars society of sending an american to the surface of mars by 2020.If not, what is your vision for human space exploration? Gov

0:15:16,100 –> 0:15:26,000
Huckabee?. NASA pumped uh 5 billion dollors into Florida’s economy Wether we outta go to Mars is uh not a decison i would not wanna make. But i would wanna make sure

0:15:26,100 –> 0:15:34,000
we expand the space program. Because everyone of us who are sitting here tonight. Have our lives dramatically improved

0:0:0,100 –> 0:15:40,000
Because there was a space program.Wether it’s these screens that we see or the incredible electronics we use

0:0:0,100 –> 0:15:45,000
including the GPS systems that got many of you to this arena tonight. (laughter)

0:0:0,100 –> 0:15:53,000
Some of you were late because you didn’t have one by the way. (laughter). Or wether its the medical techonologies that save many of our lives or lives of our families

0:0:0,100 –> 0:16:0,000
Its the direct result of the space program. And we need to put more money into science and techonology and exploration.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:16:7,000
And weather we need to send somebody to Mars, I don’t know but i’ll tell you what. If we do? Iv’e got a few suggestions. Maybe Hillary

0:16:7,100 –> 0:16:14,000
could be on the first rocket to Mars.(laughter, applauding, and screaming) Congressman Tancredo 30 seconds please.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:16:24,000
The question is a serious question and deserves a serious answer and that is this look.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:16:29,000
We’ve been how many times up here?. How many questions have dealt with deficit spending?

0:0:0,100 –> 0:16:35,000
The debt out of control. And yes we have someone saying. Would you spend more money on going to Mars?

0:0:0,100 –> 0:16:42,000
And a suggestion that we need to spend more money on space exploration. This is it folks.Thats why we have such incredible problems with our debt.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:16:47,000
Because everybody is trying to be everything to all people. We can’t afford some things.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:17:3,000
And by the way going to Mars. Is one of them. So, that’s a good point! We can’t afford everything. We’ve got a huge deficit right now. Can we afford to send people to Mars?

0:0:0,100 –> 0:17:12,000
The chatroom said. Well, Kat said “this guy is an idiot!” well, is he though? You know what?..Hang on hang on. Im gonna pause you for a moment. Fox, said “Huckabee was better”

0:0:0,100 –> 0:17:23,000
Well, Huckabee made a joke of the whole thing. So, he joke about the whole thing. I mean, really didnt see a good answer in that whole 2 people but still.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:17:28,000
Well, I dont know if Huckabee necessarily joked about the whole entire thing sorry, im hitting my mic. Uh, fair enough

0:0:0,100 –> 0:17:36,000
you constantly are saying things like that to me. That’s true. (laughter) So, maybe i’ll just laugh at you!.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:17:47,000
Next time you say something like that me. I mean, that is true you cant deny that the world would not go on without tang we all know that and comfy beds to sleep in

0:0:0,100 –> 0:17:58,000
Ah, of course thats me now joking but at the same time. Everyones allowed to their own opinion of course. And I honestly didnt even catch the name of that second guy.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:18:5,000
Thats how much of attention I was paying. I appologize. um, but him talking about how we cant afford to fund going to Mars.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:18:11,000
And aren’t you the same person who keeps saying to me that we can’t afford not to?

0:0:0,100 –> 0:18:19,000
Me?. Yes yea We have a super volcano’s going on, the weather is getting horrible. We clearly

0:0:0,100 –> 0:18:24,000
are trying to put sulfer into the atmosphere. That’s just going to destroy our Ozone layer

0:0:0,100 –> 0:18:28,000
We have to get off this planet! No, I understand that but does it need to be the United States?

0:0:0,100 –> 0:18:34,000
Now, Fox asked a good question. Which one of the democrats gave a better answer? Well, the Democrats answers are equally as scarey!

0:0:0,100 –> 0:18:42,000
I don’t have video of that but, Obama’s plan is to stall the Constellation project for 5 years. And funnel that money into Kindergarden.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:18:49,000
So the Constellation project. For those wanting to know is the next generation of Shuttle essentially. It’s not a Shuttle anymore

0:0:0,100 –> 0:18:56,000
we’re going back to an essentially Apollo Rocket with an SRB at the bottom. (laughing) Me too YEA!

0:0:0,100 –> 0:19:8,000
And uh, so, you know we. I lost my train of thought! Oh!. We’re moving the Constellation and so that’s whats going to be pushing us to the Moon and then back to Mars.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:19:15,000
And um, He wants to funnel that into Kindergarden and Fox says, “Is the Kindergarden the future of man kind?”

0:0:0,100 –> 0:19:22,000
It is as a matter of fact. Our youth are the future. But, if we are no longer leaders in space exploration leaders in technology.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:19:31,000
Cause what is it like 8% of all patents associated with NASA?.Right. So, as patents are technologys as a whole I dont remember.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:19:39,000
Uh, so should why, is the United States responsible for all that?. Why can’t China do it?. Why can’t the European Space Unit do it?

0:0:0,100 –> 0:19:48,000
Why can’t Russia do it?. Why do we have to be the ones to do it? And, Totalrecall want to be emporer and he’ll get us off the rock in 5 to 10 years.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:19:58,000
Nice, very nice. No, that works for me! Well, we have a really great launch site. (laughing) We already have a really pretty launch pad?

0:0:0,100 –> 0:19:7,000
Honestly I dont know. I guess being an American and having that sort of America’s the best mentality

0:0:0,100 –> 0:20:16,000
And, and. We are number one, We are the super power. We are the coolest kid on the block. Of course we are going to do that!

0:0:0,100 –> 0:20:26,000
Who else would do that?. Don’t be silly! Wel, I think it is alittle bit of the American ego. We are one world leaders and no a small part to our space program.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:20:36,000
But, im also a big advocate of privitized space travel. Maybe we should stop funneling money to NASA and put that in my humble opinion.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:20:52,000
This isnt supposed to be a podcast about that. Stop funneling money into the war on terror as well.I mean. We are spending trillions and trillions of dollors there. If we even spent 100 of 1 percent of that on space travel

0:0:0,100 –> 0:20:55,000
we would be set. So why this argument about space travel is even occuring

0:0:0,100 –> 0:20:1,000
when we’ve got all of this money funneling in over there is alittle bit beyond me. Cause take that money funnel back into education and space travel

0:0:0,100 –> 0:21:8,000
and I mean. WOW! I like what NovemberKat is saying. We need both. We need education and exploration.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:20:14,000
That they are as equally as important. I can completely understand that. That makes sense to me.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:20:31,000
Um, you know I think it would be a crime not A: educate the future of the world the future of America. As well as like take away space exploration from them

0:0:0,100 –> 0:20:38,000
But, we’re not taking away space we just wont be the leaders in it anymore.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:20:45,000
People can still do space travel. They will just have to go to China for that. I guess im affraid that the. This is what politicians

0:0:0,100 –> 0:20:51,000
like Obama and uh well, not Huckabee this is what certain politicians are saying lets lay back on our space program

0:0:0,100 –> 0:20:59,000
We’ll let the other guys take care of that. I guess I am affraid that somewhere along the line the

0:0:0,100 –> 0:22:6,000
United States Media is gonna be upset, they’re gonna be alittle jelous. They’re alittle jaded already anyhow.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:22:13,000
I dont think its the media. I think its the Americans as a whole. We don’t like to be one upped by anyone. Right right I think that it wont be as exciting

0:0:0,100 –> 0:22:20,000
it wont be as inersting, it wont be um it wont be reported on nearly as much and I guess

0:0:0,100 –> 0:22:34,000
Wait, are you saying that us loosing the space to..Yea yea yea If America as a whole says “You know what, your right. Its time for us to step down, we’re gonna take a break or we’re to old”. Whatever the case is. we’re gonna pass the button

0:0:0,100 –> 0:22:41,000
onto somebody else. I think then not only are we giving that up but we are sort of

0:0:0,100 –> 0:22:53,000
loosing hope? Taking something away!. I dont know does that make any sense? Alittle bit Starbucks said “its like taking hotdogs away from a baseball game” Thank you!. exactly thats what Im trying to say.and and

0:0:0,100 –> 0:23:1,000
to do that to little little kids with great big eyes with lots of hope yea BLINK BLINK! I can’t do that its horrible!!

0:0:0,100 –> 0:23:8,000
(laughing) Its awful, I mean what little kid didnt grow up and want to go to the moon? and and Check out what total said

0:0:0,100 –> 0:23:11,000
America wont rush to do something unless another country is going to try it.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:23:17,000
So, we are not incentivized to go to the Moon or Mars because no one else is willing to do it

0:0:0,100 –> 0:23:25,000
Right, cause somebody said earlier Kennedy made the speech we talking about wars, cold wars, and abosulutly and that makes sense

0:0:0,100 –> 0:23:36,000
cause wer were butting heads kinda things and uh. But, are we really that short sided that the only time we can advance ourselves is when were waring with someone else

0:0:0,100 –> 0:23:46,000
or when were affraid of someone else getting there? Cant we just do Ok, here the idealistic person in me coming out . Saying like realistically

0:0:0,100 –> 0:23:53,000
why wouldnt we just continue space exploration just for the sake of saving human race?

0:0:0,100 –> 0:24:1,000
I know!. Crazy thought! Alright, this is lets back up for a moment And no one is about to like what Im going to say

0:0:0,100 –> 0:24:10,000
Most people have the view that the reason America was founded was because there was a very small group

0:0:0,100 –> 0:24:14,000
of very brave people that put everything on the line not knowing what was going to happen

0:0:0,100 –> 0:24:25,000
and run out there and sail the ocean blue yep. Or! HA! or? they said “screw this!” We have to change this.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:24:31,000
Because we have no other options. uh uh uh If we dont change something this is going to suck a whole lot

0:0:0,100 –> 0:24:41,000
Then we’re forced into it in a certain extent. Like in the cold war?. Oh crap! OH NO! what happens? Somebody else is going to get there first we have to do something

0:0:0,100 –> 0:24:51,000
about all this. We have to change this somehow We revelutionized something accidentally. So then, is the point then. We are screwed at this point?

0:0:0,100 –> 0:24:59,000
Because we dont have an incentive to continue space travel plus what we are doing right now. Right right. We do not have an incentive to start throwing gobs and gobs of money like NASA

0:0:0,100 –> 0:25:12,000
so should we just say you know what? That time is over. Its time for privatized space travel. And we talked with someone last week TomorrowsMars the uh, uh oh thats the one thank you.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:25:22,000
Who talked about populating Mars and developing colonies and this is without NASA at all. So maybe we just say you know what?.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:25:29,000
NASA is no longer where we need to be. Im, of the mentality personally that I think we need both. I think that sometimes

0:0:0,100 –> 0:25:37,000
just to push foward you need to throw piles of money at scientific research and give NASA the money and let them do the real far out there things.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:25:42,000
And then privatize the other things. I don’t see why they both can’t co-exist.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:25:50,000
But, I just dont think that NASA has enough money to continue onto the Moon and onto Mars in a timely fashion

0:0:0,100 –> 0:26:2,000
And, I dont think that enough people care today. I think thats the big problem. I dont think that enough people care today. In fact I think that so much. I started this Podcast. well, yea that’s why i started the Podcast. Uh Yea thats why.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:26:15,000
Let me ask you this. What if NASA became some sort of united federation of planets?

0:0:0,100 –> 0:26:24,000
Kind of!. like the whole, we all start working together more so than we are now. Cause in some cases like the ISS we work together ect ect.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:26:27,000
But, I mean isn’t that what we’re becoming though with the ISS?

0:0:0,100 –> 0:26:31,000
I mean the ISS was essentially the Ronald Regan Space Station and never really got off the gorund

0:0:0,100 –> 0:26:39,000
until it became the International Space Station. Yea yea yea. But, what Im saying is that we take some of our funding from other countries.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:26:53,000
Why would other Countries, Because we’re the best and the coolest everybody already knows it. Yea but why, just they dont wanna beat us? If we’re working together then no one is beating anyone.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:27:3,000
Yea, but at the same time. Politics are always involved. Well, thats stupid. Well, yea but we’re back in the idealitistic world that I would like to live in

0:0:0,100 –> 0:27:9,000
which is well, just move foward because that’s what we should do. But, real life does’nt work that way and I know that

0:0:0,100 –> 0:27:18,000
I dont like that but you know I know it so. Maybe there is a solution. The solution is we have to get as many people interested about space

0:0:0,100 –> 0:27:26,000
again. And we have to get them why its so important. We have to get away from the idea of. We are spending so much time on this war on terror

0:0:0,100 –> 0:27:31,000
We’ve got this huge deficit that we can’t afford to do space travel. As Cariann has said

0:0:0,100 –> 0:27:36,000
that I have said before we cant afford not to . If we do that we are doomed. So, we have to get off this planet

0:0:0,100 –> 0:27:45,000
And you can go back all the way to Episode 1. Steven is saying tell us why its so important Ben?. I’ll just summerize

0:0:0,100 –> 0:27:50,000
Episode 1 talks alot about that but, we have a super volcano ready to go off underneath Yellowstone.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:27:58,000
We’ve got asteroids that can hit the planet. Steve as you said earlier we have over population problems on our own planet. We have countless issues

0:0:0,100 –> 0:28:6,000
And countless things that space travel helps us with. Helps us feed our poor by figureing out how to grow crops in extremely hostile enviroments.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:28:18,000
Im spitting, Im so passionate. It helps us figure out the global warming issue. It helps us how to truly recycle everything. Cause in space you gotta recycle everything!

0:0:0,100 –> 0:28:30,000
Everything. Absolutely Everything! There are tons of advantages Oh, I mean yea exactly Total. We’ve got earthquakes. There are so many different things so, many different ways that we can be just wiped off the planet

0:0:0,100 –> 0:28:36,000
just like that. And there are thousands and thousands of species that are extinct Because mother nature

0:0:0,100 –> 0:28:40,000
just decided they didn’t belong here anymore.Dinosaurs were here alot longer than we have been.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:28:47,000
And they were just wiped off the face of the planet!.And there is nothing, nothing today to stop that from happening again. The only thing,

0:0:0,100 –> 0:28:57,000
The only thing we can do.Is get off of this planet.That’s the only thing we can do. And even that’s not enough. Because when our star goes supernova.We need to be out of the solar system.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:29:5,000
We need to be far away. But, baby steps. First we need to get off the planet before we can go.Before we can go that far.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:29:9,000
So, thats why we need to do it and thats why we need to educate people on why we need to do it

0:0:0,100 –> 0:29:15,000
And we need to educate congressman. Well, if they dont believe it. Then we need to vote them out office. And you need to call them.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:29:22,000
And you need to talk to them, you need to shoot them emails. You need to make sure that they understand how vitally important

0:0:0,100 –> 0:0:26,000
this is to the survival of not just the human race but to the American people. Because they like to hear the American people part.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:29:34,000
Make sure they understand that. Thats what I believe. I belive. See, you got me on my soap box. Who did that?. Was that Steve? Who got me on the soap box?

0:0:0,100 –> 0:29:47,000
I think it was Steve who got me on the soap box. I’ll blame Steve. So anyhow (laughing) Thats. (laughing) Steve’s being blammed. Yea, exactly we blame the chatroom.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:29:56,000
But anyhow, thats uh (laughter) why we’re here. For those of you who haven’t seen that I’ll close out with this.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:30:13,000
That’s why we need to do it. I think I worry that most American’s don’t care or most Americans don’t think we have alot more issues at home, Alot more issues with the war. That space doesn’t matter. And we need to find

0:0:0,100 –> 0:30:20,000
someway, somehow without using fear techniques. Cuase I think American people are just sick of the scare tactics.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:30:28,000
We need to find someway to convince the majoriy of people That this really is important. This really will benefit

0:0:0,100 –> 0:30:37,000
not only them but the rest of the world. We are at a tipping point. A tipping point. For space travel.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:30:41,000
We’re either going to be setting ourselves back 50 years or moving ourselves foward 50 years

0:0:0,100 –> 0:30:49,000
I hope. I absolutley hope that we make the right decision and we start moving foward as appose to backward.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:31:0,000
That’s my thing. Wow. Is that a good sound bite?. YEA! fantastic!. Yea, thats uh yea, there’s nothing I can say (laughter)

0:0:0,100 –> 0:31:6,000
That was awesome?. We can. No Fox we can’t drop everything absolutley not We can’t drop everything.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:31:12,000
You know what?. There will always be issues. You will always have problems. Yea but the thing is. If we dont get off this planet.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:31:20,000
All the rest of that crap doesnt matter. Exactly. Like Im sorry but it doesn’t Exactly. So we will always have issues

0:0:0,100 –> 0:31:26,000
We’ve got a war right now. We’ll have something else later, We’ll have something else later, We’ll have other budgetary problems.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:31:32,000
Things won’t go away ever! At least not in our lifetime. They just simply won’t go away. But you can work around them and you can be creative

0:0:0,100 –> 0:31:41,000
And you can find ways around them. Oh yea Pilot. Mars absolutely could get hit by a huge asteroid. yep, yep

0:0:0,100 –> 0:31:47,000
There is nothing preventing that. Yep, you know what?. And that’s why in a server you have multiple tiers of redundancy. But, Im saying we need to

0:0:0,100 –> 0:31:53,000
start with Mars. Mars is easily acheivable compared to something like a gas giant. Like, how do you step on a gas giant?

0:0:0,100 –> 0:31:59,000
Do you go thru the gas giant? What happens there? Do you get crushed I think you get sucked in and then crushed in the core of the planet

0:0:0,100 –> 0:32:10,000
I don’t think that’s very hospitable. No, No, thats gonna be comfy at all. I think it might kinda cramp up if your sucked into the core of So, exactly

0:0:0,100 –> 0:32:17,000
a gas giant. So, exactly We’re making strides with pluto. Pluto is another possibility there might be ice under Pluto. We know that there is already Atmosphere with Pluto

0:0:0,100 –> 0:32:23,000
You know?. Totalrecall, a moon by a gas giant.that would work well. Oh man, guys

0:0:0,100 –> 0:32:29,000
think about that. One of Saturn’s moons?. Think about how beautiful that would be with Saturn right there and the rings.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:32:35,000
Just hoping that you dont slam into the rings. But still. Oh Man!.that would be. You’d look up and it would be this giant rings

0:0:0,100 –> 0:32:43,000
it’s like a sci fi picture. It would be like every house has the best view. Exactly!. It would just be. Actually it would only be half the houses

0:0:0,100 –> 0:32:50,000
Cause the houses on the other half would have nothing I dont, know the rotation cycle. Ok, right on. So, anyhow this is

0:0:0,100 –> 0:32:59,000
These are some of the reason we need to get off this planet. This is why this vidcast is here. And I hope that you will help us anyway you can. Part of what we need help with is obviously funding

0:0:0,100 –> 0:33:5,000
the SpaceVidcast. That we can get out there. Get in front of more people. By doing more things like participating in the

0:0:0,100 –> 0:32:14,000
pick of the week. The Amazon pick of the week. Buy brain toniq. I picked brain toniq We’re an affiliate with them so anytime you purchase

0:0:0,100 –> 0:33:19,000
through that link we get alittlebit of kick back through them. And, I picked them because I really like it!.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:33:24,000
I bought a case and I was like This is really good!. So I became an affiliate.

0:0:0,100 –> 0:33:31,000
I probebly shouldnt say this but I became an affiliate so I could get it for less money myself. Yes! (laughing)

0:0:0,100 –> 0:33:39,000
Cheater!. So, anyhow thats the show for this week. Next week we’re going to try to bring on another guest thru skype

0:0:0,100 –> 0:33:44,000
If everything works out. Its through New Nuclear Propoltion Methods

0:0:0,100 –> 0:33:55,000
From. Someone working at NASA. So, this will be an intresting conversation. for sure. Obviously subject to change As everything is Id like to thank everyone for watching this week and hope to see you next week.

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