Space, Politics and US Presidential Candidates views on NASA – 1.08

Like it or not, space and politics go together like peanut better and jelly and that is the main focus for this weeks show.  Which candidates support NASA, which don’t, or do any of them?

In the news we have a earthrise, sunflares, missing supernovas and catholics can now believe in aliens.  All that and more, oh so much more in this 30 minute edition of SpaceVidcast, episode 008.

Show Links:
Sun flares –
Send your name to the moon –
HD earthrise from the moon –
Missing supernovas –
Buy some of Mars?  I don’t think so –
Lunar investment properties?  Can’t fool me! –
SpaceVidcast paper on space and politics –
Additional info on the candidates –
Why is space important? –

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