Contests, Extrasolar Planets, Phoenix Lander and STS-124 – 1.10

On this episode of SpaceVidcast we talk about a lot of space news!  From contests to win up to $2000 for your space video to winning a seat on Virgin Galactic to fly in to low earth orbit yourself!  Discovery has a new 6 series show on Discovery HD called When We Left the Earth, Extrasolar planets and of course continuing coverage of the Phoenix lander and STS-124 with space shuttle Discovery!

Show Links:
Win $2,000 in the Space Contest –
Win a trip to Low Earth Orbit –$Origin=SpaceAmbassadors
When We Left Earth on Discovery –
8 Things on Extrasolar Planets –
Phoenix Lander –
Satellite pics of Phoenix landing –
Shuttle Discovery GO for launch –
STS-124 to fix ISS toilet: crew is relieved –
STS-124 Coverage on this Saturday

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