Robert Pearlman, – 3.11

Robert Pearlman of joins us to tell the story of some amazingly cool space artifacts as well as the future of human space flight in the US. Don’t forget, only 4 scheduled flights remain for the Space Transportation System and STS-131 is right around the corner!

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SxSW and your Moon 2.0 passion – 3.10

Cariann went to SxSW and spoke on the Moon 2.0 panel. She delivers a quick wrapup of the SxSW Interactive week as well as getting in to finding your inner space geek passion. Oh yeah, and those awesome Saturn pictures can be found here: FREAKING SWEET!

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LAUNCH: Water – 3.09

Sean Herron of NASA Internship fame is on to talk about the upcoming LAUNCH: Water conference, why it is important to you, and how you want watch it online.

In space news we chat about the Falcon 9 test firing that didn’t quite go as planned, FY2011 budget is still in flux and testing to see if we can extend the ISS to 2028.

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