Live TV from the Moon with Dwight Steven-Boniecki – Live Show 3.27

Author Dwight Steven-Boniecki joins us for our 99th live show as we talk about his book “Live TV from the Moon”. Many people take the live TV coverage of the Apollo moon landings for granted. Since the inception of the human spaceflight program many people within NASA had to fight to get live TV coverage of anything in space. They didn’t just have to fight with other engineers but also with the astronauts and anyone who was in their way. This is the story of not only the technical problems of broadcasting live TV from the moon, but also the political ones as well.

The story doesn’t end here though! Spacevidcast epic subscribers can see the remainder of this live show by signing in! Just sign up for epic access and get the rest of this interview as well as a copy of the WEC Color TV Manual, a clip from Apollo 11 using the cameras mentioned in this live show!

Clearly something is messed up in that post show encode. I’m working on re-encoding as I didn’t see that in the master file. Until then, I’ll leave it up so you can get a general idea, but it will probably take another 24 hours before I can get it fixed.

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