Your space questions answered – Live Show 4.12

During and after the successful launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour on STS-134 we got a ton of questions. Too many to answer during our live coverage. We decided to take an entire live to to talk about some of the more common questions and answer them as best we can. Of course our amazing live community was there to help out both during the regular show and the after dark show (epic subscribers only).

Speaking of After Dark, if you want some insight in to the new Disney Star Tours ride, you’ll want to watch this episode! We also chat more about the future of space and an amazing gift from one Spacevidcaster!

Additional information on this episode is available in our Wiki

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  1. Marc on May 21, 2011 at 9:38 am

    to mrbluenun
    manned space flight is absolutely necessary.
    we humans have back ups for everything. simple things like spoons; spare spoons in case we need them; spare cars, back-up shelters etc. the list does not end. from convenient simple things to life saving things. some guys have back-up wives (i’m joking (sort of)). heck, we even have back-ups to kill the entire human race, not once but several times over.
    what we don’t have, is a back-up planet. a place to go in case things get sour. – and they always do. we know this (locally), that’s why we have evacuation plans, safe-houses and shelters etc. these events may be naturally occurring things or human made problems. we try to do our best, but we always prepare for the worst.
    about 2250 years ago we knew the earth was round, we even knew about how big it was. sadly that knowledge was kept in one place in a library in alexandria and in the mind of a few scholars. due to unexpected events, that knowledge got lost, and we suffered a set back of hundreds of years. set backs, by the way, are the kindest form of defeat; – ask the dinosaurs.
    we need a back up planet, we need human space exploration.
    even if it is just because stuff happens.
    i’m not saying this is the only reason, but for me it’s the main reason. – self preservation!

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