Using space to help humanity – Live Show 4.17

Spacevidcast’s Kennedy Space Center reporter Jason Rhian and his wife Marisa Rhian join us to talk about ‘Countdown for the Cure’. This is a silent auction to raise money for leukemia research. Space has a long history of helping to find solutions for humanity and on-orbit cancer research is no exception.

After the break we take a look at the upcoming final flight of the space shuttle. Where you can watch it, how you should watch it and what to do before and after the shuttle flight.

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  1. Thomas on July 5, 2011 at 10:16 pm

    Citation of a youtube comment (made there on July, 4th, 2011):

    “This is not to diminish in any way your very noble and selfless effort at providing a platform for a great charity, but I’d like, if I may, provide a few comments.

    You guys have a great show and I watch it whenever I can, but I feel that of late it is becoming rather ‘cliquish’ and more for insiders. I think you’ve got a fairly global viewership by now, so maybe cater a bit more to the rest of us if it’s not too much of a hassle.? Anyway, love the show and keep up the good work!

    mrplease66 vor 1 Tag”

    To start with: If I had to categorize and compare you guys into a drawer, should I rather categorize you as APPLE or as MICROSOFT (i.e. the first one in my opinion tending to take user criticism seriously and turning it into an improved visionary product, or would I have to categorize you as the latter, i.e. saying that you’d incorporate critcism but really aren’t able to ?). – I guess time will tell if you followed the right opinion leaders in the audience or in your surrounding.

    I’m from Germany and I strongly support mrplease66’s opinion. Lately I hardly watch spacevidcast. Maybe one link can explain, why:

    It’s actually a space travel related variation of your show (in German language), streamed live in form of a show by two space addicts, with an advancement into a more intrinsic direction. With intrinsic I mean: into a more technical direction, because that’s what space travel is really about, isn’t it ? –

    I take the view that after all, what really amazes are horsepower, the technological challenges to achieve, the challenges and sweat to bring humans again and again into space and into orbit and beyond (aswell as research probes and their history).

    A little more about the competing show: The two guys there (who produce their shows also during their free time) show great computer generated ‘live’ simulations (made with of the shelf software) of space shuttle starts and other simulations (i.e. showing in advance of a start what really happens during the upcoming start (or landing etc.) aswell as offering relevant and informative back ground information videos about the rocket vehicle and/or payload.

    They also have a ‘tracking feature’ running on their page, showing e.g. the location of the ISS (so hands on information for breathing in something of the reality of ongoing space missions).

    People say, the perfect is the enemy of the good. So, if your show is good, I’d not say that their show is perfect at all, however I have no doubt that their show is currently on the forfront, even though it’s not in HD. Mainly, because people can really get a better smell of the rocket exhaust in their show for to visualize it.

    However, they offer no 24/7 stream. So, in that regard you are still at the forefront. But let’s not forget, you don’t usually appear on the 24/7 stream, so that’s not a unique feature of yours, i.e. ppl could as well visit .

    And one other thing: Not only the guys who pay for the additional epic stuff should be considered important to you. As it is kind of a nature of law, only a certain percentage of viewers will ever subscribe (for various reasons). So, if your overall audience count drops considerably, the probability of new epic subscribers might as well go down.

    Hope this citicism helps.

  2. Marcus on July 6, 2011 at 5:15 pm

    Hi Cariann and Ben (screw the alphabet, ladies first! ;))

    First some technical issues: I cannot watch episodes here on the website with Firefox (5) anymore, seems to be a problem related to the embedded youtube videos: they simply do not show up. Youtube itself works fine, as do embedded videos elsewhere and the ustream player works as well. It doesn’t help if I disable my script blocking add-ons and others.
    When 4.16 came out it still worked fine, then there were some videos posted on July 1st. I watched the first one without problems but did not have time to watch the other two back then.
    So something since July 1st must have changed, any ideas? As far as I remember I did not upgrade anything on my systems since then.

    And now I want to say something about the above criticism.

    As much as I love spacevidcast (I get all edgy everytime a daily gets uploaded late or when there is a week without!), I somehow have to agree with Thomas and mrplease66.
    It’s not that you do a bad job at bringing space to a wider audience and I certainly do not have a problem with your laid back and funny style of presentation (which is great!), but there is one thing that has been nagging at the back of my head while watching the last few episodes: I miss a little bit more emphasis on the “education” part of your show that back in the 3rd “season” was still part of your intro! It feels like you know prefer to skim very lightly on the surface of most topics without going into too much details about it. I guess that contributes to the “cliquish”, insider feel that mrplease66 mentioned: Like things are not being said because they are assumed to be common knowledge anyway.

    It is really hard to put a finger on this and say: that exactly what is wrong (because I think there isn’t really a mayor flaw), but you know it’s like the show isn’t as amazing as it used to be and at least for me that as a lot to do with how much you go into the details of the topics. Two examples that are not really about details but are related: I think the spacenews section has been a bit to short recently and I have always wondered why the “upcoming launches” section after the break has disappeared?

    I hope you appreciate that kind of criticism from a long time viewer (since sometime during the first year).

    Best regards from Austria,

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