The Electron Rocket


We are joined live by Rocket Labs USA Founder and CEO Peter Beck to talk about their Electron Rocket and what Rocket Labs is doing over in New Zealand.

In Space News we have: Rosetta reaches 67P, AsiaSat 8 Launches on a Falcon 9, SpaceX sets Brownsville as its new commercial launch site, ULA will likely get their RD-180 engines, a new view of the LDSD, ATK’s 5 segment Solid Rocket Booster and Orion sets a launch date.

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  1. ludovic_f on August 11, 2014 at 2:19 pm

    I have an issue with the sound. I get the opening part okay and then it clicks and then it’s mute all the way… dunno if this is an issue with your upload or something from Google… other TMRO viedos are fine (just watched your first after dark post without probs and other videos on Youtube).

  2. RandomFin on August 12, 2014 at 7:47 am

    The reader comments got me thinking that while visioning “what to do next or first” us Hu-mans firstly apply hardware and software solving to dilemmas we encounter. The major difficulty in manned space activities is that we are essentially “fleshy bags of mostly water” and quite fragile. If we can make ourselves better equipped to cope in space, the requirements for manned space craft drop with each step.

    Study in biology and genetics is fascinating. Right now astronauts aboard the ISS suffer from bone loss and muscle atrophy mainly because our (clever and awesome) bodies trying to adapt to the surroundings. Use it or lose it. Perhaps a solution lies in epigenetics or genetherapy? As I’ve understood epigenetics are genetic “switches” that can turn on/off during a persons life. I am optimistic that with further study we could learn how to trigger these switches and map out the optimal solution to help cope is space.

    Just imagine, going to space and taking the space pill, landing and taking the planet pill. (Not having machine-X fixing issue-Y)


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