NASA Commercial Crew Announcements


In this episode we bring on Space Mike from Epic Future Space ( to talk SpaceX and the CCtCap (Commercial Crew Transportation Capabilities) award from NASA.

In Space news we have:
Blue Origin and ULA team up
Global crowd funding spaceflight project
Atlas V launch of CLIO
SpaceX to break ground in Brownsville on Monday
ESA reveals Philae landing site
Golfer wins a trip to space for hole in one!

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  1. yannick on September 26, 2014 at 12:23 pm

    Speaking about “killer apps” for space, there has been an annual colloqium for space elevators a few weeks ago. Have you already made a show on that subject – or – would it be a good time to have another one ?

  2. chad snow on September 28, 2014 at 2:32 am

    I would have picked SpaceX and Seirra Nevada and ditched Boeing all together. Boeing is bringing no new technology to the table other than the airbag landing system and some production improvements. I have that technology in my car. They might as well have brought back the Saturn 1b. SpaceX uses the money to make cool stuff that could truly revolutionize space. Even with ULA getting help from Blue Origin, ULA is not remotely talking about using any of the cool reusable Blue origin stuff. ULA is only wanting the Blue Origin engine as a replacement to the RD180. When it comes down to it, both companies in the ULA monopoly have their hearts in the wrong place (in my opinion). Since 2002, what has ULA been working on? Nothing. Could they have done something? Yes, engineers had plans to make X-33 work, but as soon as the federal money stopped, so did the project.

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