Community Chat: Why are you a space geek?


As this is the last show this month, we have a community chat once again. This week we ask, “Why are you a space geek?” In addition to the live conversation we had, we would love for you to leave your comments below as well!

In Space News:
CRS-4 Launches and Dragon berths
Soyuz launches the next Space Station crew
Sierra Nevada Protests Commercial Crew Award
NASA Requests Proposals for Follow-on ISS Cargo Contract
India puts their first interplanetary probe in orbit at Mars
NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft enters orbit around Mars
Tickets Available for Ansari X Prize Celebration

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  1. Dominic Hillsun on October 15, 2014 at 5:38 pm

    Rockets are just plain awesome. They look simple at first but when you take a deeper look at them, they are incredibly complex. I love them because I think it would be possible to make them better, cheaper and a lot less complex, because lets admit it, rockets didn’t get better from von Braun era. x33 had an idea, but it failed because it was being built by NASA. We needed something like SpaceX to make it. Funny thing is, the main problem with x33 (the composite fuel tanks) was solved so yeah, I see a lot of improvement to be done in rocket industry

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