Scott Manley and Kerbal Space


This week we are joined by Scott Manley best known for his Kerbal Space Program videos on YouTube –

In Space news we have:
CRS-5 launches and hard lands
The GAO sides with NASA
Astra 2G launches atop Proton rocket
Angara 5 launches on maiden test flight
Resurs P2 launches atop Soyuz
Fengyun-2G launches atop Long Mars 3A
CNES to look at reusable rocket stages
RS-25 (SSME) test firing at Stennis for SLS

Ariane 6 and Falcon GTO numbers — A correction. In the last episode of 2014 we mistakenly compared Ariane 6 GTO numbers to Falcon 9 LEO numbers. The correct comparison is: Ariane 6 A62 Payload to GTO: 5,000 kg (11,000 lbs) Ariane 6 A64 Payload to GTO: 10,500 kg (21,100 lbs) Falcon 9 1.1 Payload to GTO: 4,850 kg (10,690 lbs)

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  1. Zed_WEASEL on January 12, 2015 at 5:54 am

    The language to be spoken on Mars will be Klingon 🙂

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