Crowdfunding your next space project


This week we talk to SpaceUP Foundation CEO Chris Radcliff and COO Jesse Clark about their new Kickstarter campaign to fund 5 SpaceUP unconferences. We also chat about what it will take for YOU to start your own Kickstarter campaign for that nifty space idea you have but need funds to make in to a reality. You can view the “How to ruin a Kickstarter” blog post we talked about here:

In Space News:
Proton Launch and Issues
SpaceX gets certified to launch NASA science missions
Brightman steps down from station flight
Russia delays ISS crew rotation flights
US House bill cuts more commercial crew funding

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  1. Kevin J waldroup on May 22, 2015 at 8:24 pm

    Wow 1 billion Is a loT money. Why is that not enough Money?

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