Should NASA be allowed to Crowd Fund projects?


In this weekly live epicsode of TMRO we ask the question, should NASA be allowed to crowd fund programs that have been de-funded?

In Space News we have:
* LDSD Parachute Failure
* LightSail deploys
* Cuts to commercial crew funding
* AEM to send payload to the moon
* PornHub Space Program
* Stratolaunch dumps Orbital ATK

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  1. James F. McClellan on June 15, 2015 at 9:27 pm

    Re: Crowdfunding the government and having the “True” Democracy of the individual citizen deciding where their tax/crowdfunding dollars should go.

    We are a republic for a good reason. The average voter doesn’t know the issues and doesn’t care. They only respond to who has the most negative ads to persuade them.

  2. Lokase on June 16, 2015 at 3:56 pm

    Look, about the Pornhub piece in this episode…

    Though I am not an advocate for the porn industry the “tee hees” and “gaw shaws” were unprofessional. Yes you can make some light hearted jokes, but Ben, we get it that you don’t “morally” approve, you didn’t have to bring those two porn stars down to the dirt, their humans, not sludge. Carianne was willing to take the conversation into a space were we could elaborate on fringe activities, but you shut her down by continually expressing your moral prejudices.

    “Our goal is to get the planet excited about living among the stars”

    Well guess what Ben, when you put humanity into space you get things like, porn, drug use, crime, and all sorts of “morally challenging” activities. You had an opportunity to take the conversation to the next level, but your own prejudices and “tee hees” got in the way.

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