Can commercial space expand the frontier?


Is Neil deGrasse Tyson correct in assessing that private space can’t open the space frontier? Only Governments can open new frontiers? In this epicsode we debate the merits of this idea.

In Space News:
* New Horizons has color animations of Pluto
* Philae has woken up
* SpaceX to upgrade sea recovery platforms
* Space Florida taking control of shuttle landing facility
* Urthecast releases color, HD video from space

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  1. DougSpace on July 29, 2015 at 9:21 pm

    Government ventures should be for what the private sector cannot do. For commerce this means the risky, high up front cost things which none-the-less have public benefit. So government can play a very useful role in opening up frontier markets. But once companies get a foothold, they very much can develop the frontier and extend it.

    But public-private programs are very unique and interesting tools. From the get-go they align public benefit with commercial interests where they naturally intersect. Because of commercial involvement, things can be developed at less expense (see the F9). And because the participating companies have future profit in mind, the transition to increasing independence from government support can go more smoothly.

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