Kickstarting a moon rocket with Moonspike


In this epicsode we take a look at the Kickstarter project Moonspike which is a crowd funded moon rocket –

In Space News we have:
* Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle lofts Astronaut
* Long March 3B Launch with communications satellite
* Ariane 5 launch with Sky Muster and Arsat 2
* Soyuz-U launch with Progress resupply ship
* Atlas V launch with Morelos 3
* NASA confirms intermittent water flows on Mars
* Moon Express signs with Rocket Labs for launch services
* Launch Pad Repairs Completed on Wallops Island
* Blue Origin Completes 100+ Staged Combustion Tests of BE-4 Engine

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  1. Richard on October 4, 2015 at 9:27 pm

    (I didn’t know where else to leave this I’m not social media person)
    The Idea
    Kickstarter for the TMRO low earth orbit news satellite bringing the world outside earth atmosphere video of launches, so no one need watch stage separation, faring break away, satellite deployment or station docking animation again, because TMRO is there live.
    Getting say Copenhagen Suborbital to deliver your first satellite into orbit for complete coverage of Copenhagen Suborbitals first manned flight. Eventually TMRO will have a satellite above every launch complex around the planet for the first live TV new coverage about space; from space.
    Starting with everyone you have ever interviewed concerning privatized space aspirations like spaceVR and working your way up to the folks building ion propulsion cube sats, space rated navigation circuitry and power supplies, perhaps trading publicity for spare parts and with people like your engineer (I’m sorry I don’t know how to spell DuDa?) helping TMRO will became the first public space news broadcast vehicle.
    Hi Everybody at TMRO
    Since becoming interested in space a year or so ago I have burned thru just about everything on the net. I found TMRO about March 2015 and have burned thru everything you have as well. I mention space in a group I facilitate, and your site, and an individual interested enough responded it’s just a talk show, and I knew what was wrong. “People who are talking about it aren’t doing anything about it”.
    I will try to be brief, but this is the idea, the why and some of the way, so be patient.
    Your question “how do you get people interested in space, who are not interested in space”?
    You need to be interested in things related to space.
    The Why
    It might be Kennedy’s Decade Dilemma. You folks are going on eight years right…
    An episode I believe was from the year SpaceVidCast transitioned to TMRO Carrieanne stated she was not a space geek to start with, but that some of the things associated with space exploration were fun like the space up’s and the conventions. Every show after that she appears to be on anti-depressants were as previous episodes both her and Ben would banter and step on each others conversations and seemed to be having fun with it. It maybe that, like the new sets and location, you are simply trying for a more professional appearance, but Ben while you started SpaceVidCast now TMRO seemingly to be a talk show host for matters of space and things related to space, I don’t “see” that interest in the people around you. More recently attempting to draw Space Mike and Duda into the show…If I may.
    The Way
    TMRO needs to expand rather than contract. Call it what you will, space pod or the Space Mike segment, Space Mike needs to get out in the environment in his capacity as the TMRO roving reporter. His purpose obviously to be interviewing all the companies and possible providers of parts for the TMRO public space broadcast satellite (as well as what keeps him interested in space). Duda may be interested in engineering and assembly of the spacecraft (if it doesn’t interfere with his school and TMRO). And Carrieanne should be putting on space ups and going to conventions (if that is what she enjoys) as a roving reporter, especially where convenient for funding and publicity. While Ben starts having more guests and lots of footage of all the innovations and possible collaborations needed for the TMRO satellite project that will keep TMRO and maybe a new generation of space geeks interested in space for the next ten years.
    Me, I don’t want to do anything. My purpose though to be fair is to have the first TV station dedicated to all things space. TMRO live from space, NASA live TV and all the people around the world who want everyone else to know what they are doing in, on or around space like the X prize entries, schools and collages trying to get their science projects in orbit and new commercial space endeavors.
    And just a side bar note…I think everyone who launches will be willing to purchase footage of their vehicles as they enter the upper atmosphere from a non-vehicle based perspective…not that we are in it for the money or anything. Hint, hint, hint.

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