Where did all this space love come from?


This week we ask the question, “Is there a sudden influx in space interest and where is it coming from?”

In Space News we have:
* Soyuz 2-1v launch with Kanopus ST Earth observing satellite
* Atlas V launch of Cygnus
* Long March 3B with Chinasat 1C satellite
* Zenit launch with Elektro-L 2 weather satellite
* Aerojet Rocketdyne wins propulsion contracts worth nearly $1.4 billion
* Angry McCain Demands Answers on ULA No-bid Decision
* Japan looking to further their relationship with the US… in Space!
* Soyuz TMA-17M Returns with three astronauts from the ISS
* SpaceX eyes Dec. 19 for first launch since June
* Motion Tracking = Better Space Station?

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