Commercial Orbital Transportation Services after 10 years – #COTS10


With the NASA Commercial Orbital Transportation Services or COTS contract hitting 10 years old this year, we take a look at the impact it has had on the space industry.

In Space News:
* We found them! The 100 year search for Gravitational Waves is over…
* Glonass M launch via Soyuz
* Kwangmy?ngs?ng-4 launch via Unha Rocket
* NRO L-45 launch via Delta IV
* SpaceX prepares for SES-9 mission and Dragon’s return
* NASA Travel Posters
* Hundreds of galaxies discovered hidden behind the Milky Way, may explain “The Great Attractor” mystery
* ViaSat Shifts Satellite Launch From Falcon Heavy to Ariane 5
* OK Go’s awesome new video

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  1. Jason Damisch on February 18, 2016 at 10:54 am

    Don’t worry kids, your still moving through space. You just happen to be resting on the surface of a planet while doing so.

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