One way trip to Mars #MarsNone


We speak with Mars One candidate Josh Richards about his views on Mars, Mars One and if this project can ever get off the ground. You can find more information on Josh at

In Space News:
* Return of the Dragon
* NASA’s Kepler Mission Announces the Largest Collection of Exoplanets Ever Discovered
* Antares rolls out to pad for tests
* New limit on RD-180 Engines
* NASA and Roscosmos discuss ISS suicide plunge requirements
* Starliner’s First Complete Hull Mated At Kennedy, Crew Flight Delayed to 2018

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  1. DougSpace on May 16, 2016 at 12:31 pm

    The choices for Mars missions are not limited to either a one-way or a flags-and-footprints mission. A hybrid would be the Earth Return Option (ERO) where the crew had sufficient supplies, shielding, and artificial gravity so that they could choose to extend their stay beyond an Earth return window. This would prevent the need for a crew rotation thereby saving lots of money or launch more crew and grow the base faster.

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