NASA’s Lunar Flashlight


Dr. Barbara Cohen leads the planetary science group at the Marshall Space Flight Center. Currently, Dr. Cohen is a Principal Investigator on multiple NASA Science Mission Directorate projects and is a Co-Investigator on several spacecraft and instrument proposal teams, including the Mars Exploration Rovers (Opportunity) and Mars Science Laboratory (Curiosity). She is the Principal Investigator for the Lunar Flashlight mission, which will send a cubesat to the Moon in 2018 to search for water ice frost.

In Space News we have:
* Ariane 5 launches Intelsat 33e and Intelsat 36
* Exoplanet Discovered Around Nearest Star, But It’s A Terrible Place For Life To Be
* SpaceX Dragon returns to Earth from ISS
* NASA Hears From Lost Spacecraft After 2 Years
* Astronauts install new docking adapter
* Juno To Make Closest Approach to Jupiter Today

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