Generation Orbit


A.J. Piplica the Chief Operating Officer of Generation Orbit joins us to talk about their plans for small sat launchers and next generation cargo transit around the world. If you want to keep up with what GO is doing, like them on Facebook follow them on Twitter or hit up their website at

In Space News we have:
* GSLV launches INSAT 3DR
* DNA Sequenced in Space
* Atlas V launches Osiris-REx
* Lost Philae Lander Found on Comet
* Virgin Galactic VSS Unity undergoes captive carry test flight
* Sentinel 1A takes a potential hit from space debris

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  1. Jim on September 12, 2016 at 12:05 am

    Would it be possible to get to orbit without ever going supersonic?
    …It’s balloon castles I recall, I really don’t know castles at all.

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