Blue Origin’s future rocket plans


Blue Origin announced their New Glenn orbital rocket this last week. We take a peek at the history of Blue Origin, where they are now, what they have announced and the possible New Armstrong tease could mean.

In Space News we have:
* Israel launches Ofek-11 with hiccups
* Dwarf Planet Pluto “Paints” Charon Red
* China launches Tiangong-2
* Earth’s Carbon Came From Ancient Collision With Mercury Like Planet
* Vega launches 5 sats
* A billion stars: Gaia’s First Milky Way Map

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  1. DougSpace on September 19, 2016 at 12:29 am

    Excellent show. I think that people may be misunderstanding Bolden’s positions. It is true that the Administration initially wished to delay the development of a heavy lift rocket for five years after developing advanced propulsion. But when the Senate insisted that the SLS be built NASA including Bolden seem to have embraced it and make it a critical part if their Journey to Mars.

    As for Bolden’s comments about commercial HLVs, I think that Bolden was essentially saying that it is premature to count on the future existence of commercial HLVs and so we should continue on the status quo path including the government SLS.

    People are turning his brief comment of skepticism of near-term commercial HLVs and blowing it into saying that he is against all things commercial. If we have learned anything about Bolden’s NASA is that they are consistently pro-commercial.

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