Life at NASA – Orbit 10.04


Former Deputy Chief Technologist of NASA Jim Adams joins us to talk about his life at NASA and amazing stories of the missions and technology he worked on. We didn’t want to stop the stories, so this is a loooong episode, but well worth every moment!

In Space News:
* GLXP narrowed down to 5 teams
* A Four Planet System Has Been Directly Imaged
* Boeing unveils new spacesuit
* NASA resumes JWST vibration testing
* Dreamchaser arrives at NASA Armstrong
* GOES-R sends back first images

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  1. Aaron Harford on February 6, 2017 at 2:50 am


    Love the show. Have to ask…does Virtual Space Mike have a virtual computer in front of him that remotely interacts with the real computer on set? 😉

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