Paving the way to the Moon – Orbit 10.20


CEO of WayPaver Foundation Michael Mealling joins us to talk about what they are doing to remove obstacles in the way of lunar exploration and settlement.

In Space News:
* Rocket Lab launches 1st Electron rocket
* Jupiter Surprises in First Juno Data Release
* ISS News – A Spacewalk and a Homecoming
* Third Detection of a Gravitational Wave
* Spaceplane News – A Stratolaunch, A Dreamchaser, and a Unity

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  1. DougSpace on June 7, 2017 at 11:48 pm

    There could be an alignment between government and private interests in that both could benefit from lower-cost access to the Moon. So, like with the public-private programs to the ISS, the government could largely fund the companies to develop the craft and to use them to deliver crew to a lunar base. Then the companies could sell tickets to individuals who would like to move to the growing base / settlement.

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