Lunar lessons before going to Mars – Orbit 10.34

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We have a surprise round table this week: what lessons can we learn from the moon before heading off to Mars? Benjamin, Jared, Mike and Cariann talk about the advantages of going to the moon again before first setting foot on Mars. Segment starts at 23:05

1:57 – Proton Launch of Amazonas 5
4:24 – Soyuz Launch of Expedition 53

Space News:
8:31 – Cassini End-of-Mission
12:26 – New Horizons Extended Mission
16:47 – Unexpected Solar Flares


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  1. DougSpace on September 20, 2017 at 3:22 am

    SpaceMike urged support for the Deep Space Gateway (DSG). Mike, is it correct that numerous previous architectures for going to the Moon or Mars never envisioned the need for such an expensive station in lunar orbit? So, is it necessary? Wouldn’t that money be better spent developing a Xeus-type lander to go directly to the Moon without involving an expensive middleman? Thanx.

  2. Trevor Sutherland on September 22, 2017 at 9:52 pm

    Great show guys. How about a round table discussion on the ISS and what comes after. Currently I believe the mission lasts till 2024 but what then? Deorbit it, extend the mission to 2028. At what point can you no longer extend the mission or can you keep swapping out modules forever and ultimately transform it wholesale? Considering how long it takes to build a space station is someone planning the next one or could it go the way of shuttle where we go through a period without an ISS? This would have huge implications for companies like Space X.

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