NASA’s 2019 proposed budget – Orbit 11.07

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The white house recently released their proposed fiscal year 2019 budget for NASA. Athena, Mike, Jared and Cariann take a look at the numbers and what that means for the current programs on the table.

Long March 3B Launches 2 Beidou Satellites
Soyuz Launches Progress MS-08 Cargo Ship

MRO Gets A Tuneup/Opportunity Reaches 5000 Sols
Final EVA Spacewalk for Robotic Hand replacement
New Horizons Sets Imaging Distance Record

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  1. LRB on February 20, 2018 at 10:39 am

    Hi guys,

    You and many keep saying “no bucks no Buck Rogers”, but 19B$ are
    already a lot of bucks. Here it is just to rearrange priorities with
    those 19B$!

    I am a professional astronomer and I made my career mostly (and still)
    working with HST data. Few people would suffer more than me in seeing
    WFIRST canceled.

    However, we have to be honest.
    “Recovering a spare HST from NRO telescope?” Does it sound cheap to you?
    To me it reminds the fairy tail of making SLS cheaply from spare parts and
    recycling the design of Space Shuttle … 12B$ and still not flying!

    No. We know WFIRST it is not going to cost “just” 3.7B$,
    and we know that it won’t be flying by 2025!

    We also know that it would be far more efficient to give
    1B$ to SpaceX to develop BFR … and speed up its completion.

    Imagine a full-reusable rocket with 150t capability available, in say 2 years.
    Says even 5 years if you prefer. Still a much better investment.
    You will be able to send a much better telescope into space with BFR.

    Congratulations for the great job guys, I hope you will comment on this.

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