Hubble’s fate, Mars Cubes and space brains – Orbit 11.42

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This is the episode of the season where we have the ultimate answer to the life universe and everything! I had also been eager to try a new news format that was more round-table and conversational. Since there was no standard guest this week we made it happen! Let me know what you think in the comments. A bit long, but overall I liked it!

Launch Minute:

  • Soyuz 2.1B | Lotos-S1 | Kosmos-2528
  • Long March 4B | Haiyang 2B

Space News:

  • NASA is preparing for Hubble’s return
  • This is your brain on space
  • NASA seeking Lunar Gateway Cargo Delivery
  • Hayabusa-2 prepares for Ryugu touchdown
  • Major first step for Pluto Orbiter Mission
  • First Image of Mars taken by a CubeSat
  • Virgin’s LauncherOne and SpaceShipTwo edging closer to space

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