Mars soil and water want to kill you – Orbit 11.44

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We continue the round table format. Trying to tighten it up a bit but still make it conversational. This week we have Sarah Vincent, Michael Clark (in studio,) Benjamin Higginbotham, Cariann Higginbotham and Jared Head all leading the discussion. And of course YOU, the community of TMRO!

Launch Minute:

  • Soyuz | GLONASS
  • Soyuz | MetOp-C

Space News and Conversations:

  • Europa’s Plumes Are Confusingly Cold
  • New research into Mars’ perchlorates
  • Parker Solar Probe Completes Perihelion No. 1
  • Floods on Mars
  • SpaceX tests new recovery ship, spacesuits and simulators, and Elon teases mini-BFS

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