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Let’s explore the incredible tomorrow that awaits us.

Every month, the TMRO:Space community engages in an energetic, positive conversation about space exploration. We hope you’ll join us!

When you tune into TMRO, you’re joining a community of discovery junkies whose enthusiasm for exploring knows no limits. In an era of unprecedented innovation, there’s always plenty to discuss.

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Today is the most exciting day in human history, and tomorrow will be even better!

Meet the TMRO team


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That’s right. We’re talking about the person reading these words – you! Here at TMRO, everyone has a voice. When you watch live, we invite you to participate and help us steer the conversation. After all, we’re at our best when we explore together.


Jami Higginbotham, Creator and Executive Producer

Jami created TMRO with wife, Cariann, in 2008 after hosting a popular technology podcast for several years. Her objective? Get humanity excited about exploring the cosmos!

When Jami moved to California for an aerospace job, TMRO came with her. So did Cariann, thankfully. In 2016, they moved the show to a bona-fide production studio.

A huge Disney nerd, Jami goes out of her way to visit Disney parks whenever time allows. She and Cariann actually got married at Walt Disney World in 2001. Recently, Jami helped produce the second largest webcast ever made.



Cariann Higginbotham, Co-Creator and Host

A long-time space nerd, Cariann has been podcasting for nearly 15 years. She has a sunny outlook on the human race and all its amazing possibilities. She’s also bouncy, flouncy, fun, fun, fun… oh, wait. That’s Tigger. Cariann likes making coffee.


Athena Brensberger, TMRO:Space and TMRO:STEAM Host

Athena has a background in astrophysics and space exploration, specifically proto-planetary disks and planetary formations in the cosmos. To share the splendor of space exploration with the world, she ultimately shifted her astro-pursuits from behind the computer to the front of the camera!

She’s also pursuing a career in theater and fashion, hence her ongoing efforts to unify art and science.


Tim Scott (Duta), Producer

Tim looks like one person, but – and this is his trick – he’s actually five:

  1. Shuttle Hugger: Time feels a rush and chill every time he even sees a picture of the space shuttle. He thinks it was an unfathomably amazing machine that made the impossible possible.
  2. Rocket Lover: Tim loves to celebrate the people who build and launch rockets. He has literally felt the power of a blinding white spot of fire heat and noise traveling miles away from him. It’s moving.
  3. Engineer: By day, Tim creates things. He takes pride in transforming back-of-the-napkin ideas into tangible, functioning reality.
  4. Maker: Rockets, models, car mods… his bench is never empty and his shelves are full of dreams.
  5. History Buff: From politics and territory to flight, transport, and space travel, history – and the people who’ve made it – is, for Tim, and endless curiosity.

Jade Kim, TMRO:STEAM Host

Since beginning work at the Griffith Observatory in 2012, Jade has fallen in love with science outreach. Her lifelong hero is Carl Sagan, and she lives by the mantra, “WWCD?,” or “What Would Carl Do?” Jade also works for a nonprofit that empowers women and minorities to pursue STEM careers.

A trained powerlifter, she loves lifting heavy things off the floor.


Jared Head, Resident Astronomer

Jared Head is a host of TMRO:Space and TMRO:STEAM. Joining TMRO in 2015, he’s recognized as the show’s Chief Astronomer and Lead Hairodynamicist. Jared works at Griffith Observatory and is working on his undergraduate degree in Astronautical Engineering. When not working on his hair he enjoys building and flying his own high power rockets, camping, overlanding in his bright orange Jeep, astrophotography, running and waking up at unreasonable hours to watch Formula 1 races.



Colten Covington, Chat Programmer

Colten has loved space and programming since visiting the Johnson Space Center when he was nine years old. He has a keen interest in communications over networks and has been writing bots and clients for various communication protocols since the age of sixteen. He loves playing video games, watching movies, and sleeping.